• Project Name: Imvusa Security

Security officers will conduct patrols as per site specifications 24/7 and record incidents or any diversions in the OB Book.

We will install clock/patrol points to make sure that the guards are vigilant and    patrolling as required, 1 to 10 points will be installed at the identified  areas, corners, pillars, gates, stairs, floors, basements, entrances, etc. security officers on duty will clock all patrol points within time intervals of  30  minutes, as per site requirements.

Imvusa Security uses the following patrol point systems;

  • Active Tracker: which is robust and reliable
  • Real time monitoring system
  • Real-time patrol reports
  • Multiple technology
  • GPS Live tracking (global positioning system)
  • GSM (global systems mobiles
  • Cell phone embedded
  • 24 hours sustenance

The benefits of the monitoring system are to make sure that all areas are patrolled effectively, including high-risk areas.

This will enable Client to have proof that the security guard is doing effective patrolling according to agreements and securing premises effectively.

The system is on real-time monitoring thereby giving us the exact location of the security officer at a specific time, and if the officer does not patrol a message is sent immediately to the control room, who in return contacts the guard to check if the situation on site is still in order.

In case there are incidents or disputes about patrols, reports are produced to enable the Client and Management to see and understand what happened on the site.